Say Hello to Hygge; the newest interior trend

Winter nights are drawing in and the need to relax and enjoy the simple things has never been more appealing.

The Scandinavian concept of ‘hygge’ refers to the Danish lifestyle craze that is sweeping our nation at the moment and describes achieving the feeling on comfort and contentment.

Stress levels have been rising across the globe and the Danes have a reputation for enjoying the quiet and calm, and they consistency top polls of being the happiest people on earth, along with other Scandinavian countries. Whether this is down to hygge, or not; this concept is one that we can easily adopt.

Produced ‘hoo-guh’, hygge is becoming increasingly recognised (and not just on Instagram!) as a term for wellbeing and has developed into a concept and a way of living. It embraces the cold season that Scandinavia is renowned for. As we’re British, hygge is referred to as ‘cosiness’ or ‘togetherness’ but has no literal translation. You can hygge with friends around the fire or dinner table, or by yourself enjoying a cup of coffee with your favourite scented candle lit nearby.

By appreciating the small joys in life at all times, those that follow hygge are able to tap into a source of happiness, so switch off your phone, light your favourite candle and sit and relax with cup of tea (because we are British after-all).


Tips on hygge in your home

  • Invest in candles

Scented or unscented, the choice is yours but a simple lit candle is seen as one of the ultimate hygge moments to achieve. We like these candle holders from Laura Ashley.

  • Remember that the simple things are hygge

The simple finish of the Marlow kitchen is perfect open-plan Scandinavian style. A simple painted finish and an uncluttered oak worktop will offer the perfect background

  • Hygge with friends

Hygge is best enjoyed with friends. Winter nights are perfect for gathering friends and family round and drinking mulled wine and eating wholesome food, so invite everyone round and get cooking. An open plan living kitchen is perfect for this, because it ensures that you’re all still together and no one is hidden away in the kitchen.

  • Don’t rush

We always seem to be in a rush. Always somewhere to be, and something to do. To truly hygge, we need to slow down and take it all in. Take time to enjoy the cup of tea you have made, stay an extra 10 minutes in the bath to make sure those stresses have melted away and definitely enjoy that slice of cake.

  • Enjoy your space

The key concept behind hygge is to enjoy your environment and this is even more vital in your home. Each room needs to be a haven to relax in. Your kitchen is the heart of your home.

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